Digital Pricing Option(s)

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All Images are edited and retouched. What does that mean: 

Retouching a photograph involves editing and can require much more work, such as:

  • Brightening the eyes of the subject.
  • Fixing discolored or damaged teeth in a smile.
  • Minimizing or removing acne or scars.
  • "Swapping out" a feature from another picture, such as when everyone in the group has their eyes open except for Uncle Larry.
  • Softening the bags under eyes and wrinkles.
  • Enhancing face shapes, waist lines, upper arms, and other body parts.


All images are delivered via Digital Format.

Select your pricing option(s)

1. A La Carte

$20.00 per Digital Image 

2. Create A Collection

20 Digital Images Gallery $350.00
30 Digital Images Gallery $500.00
40 Digital Images Gallery $650.00


3. Composition Photography (Digital Art)

Prices vary from $95.00 to $250.00 per image

For samples check out our Digital art gallery.  

(Ask for additional details)  


(Unselected images are deleted after viewing)


Once digitals images are ordered there is a 4 week turn around time.  So if you are planning a event and would like to have the pictures for the event please plan ahead. 

Composite work is a longer process as not only is the image retouched but it also require artist eye to make sure lighting, shadows, colors, and backgrounds blend with perfect harmony. 

Once you receive your digital images you get all copyrights to print with me or any online and local vender. 

picture moments fairylight.forest.swingBy Marisela Rivera Photographerpicture moments fairylight.forest.swingBy Marisela Rivera Photographer

All families have their own budget so my goal is to be able to provide my clients with beautiful art pieces (Heirlooms) for them to enjoy a lifetime.

Feel free to call me directly with any questions you might have Marisela Photographer 951-525-0070