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Composite portraits are individualized artistic expressions which can be added on to any of our sessions or you can book a session specifically for Composite Portraits. Keep in mind that composite portraits take additional time to complete with the details that they deserve. Image prices vary from $95.00 to $250.00 for each High-Resolution Digital Image depending on factors such as the number of subjects. If you are interested in purchasing composite portraits, we would be happy to answer any questions you might have.

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Marisela Rivera Photographer | Picture Moments Photography

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picture moments fairylight.forest.swingYear of the tiger newborn photography by picture moments photography / Marisela Rivera PhotographerNewborn Diver By Photographer Marisela Rivera with Picture Moments PhotographyNewborn Sleeping Fawn By Picture Moments PhotographyNewborn Giraffe Picture Moments Photography Newborn Composition By Marisela Rivera by marisela Rivera photographerBaby Yoda By Marisela Rivera PhotographerUnderwater Diver Newborn By Photographer Marisela Rivera with Picture Moments PhotographyNewborn Fairy Session by Picture Moments PhotographyBaby Bear in Appletree by Picture Moments photographySpace Picture Moments By Marisela Rivera Photographerpicture moments Newborn Composition By Marisela Rivera PhotographerBear Gallery Picture Moments Newborn Composition By Marisela Rivera PhotographerCottonMoonPicture Moments Easter 15Picture Moments Composition 04Easter By Marisela Rivera PhotographerMaddy Bubblegum Hall Picture Moments Photography Composition By Marisela Rivera PhotographerTeddy Bears on a self by Picture Moments PhotographyNewborn Flower butterfly by Picture moments photography