If you’re interested please give me a call or e-mail quickly, I only book 2 births a month to avoid overlapping deliveries...


Standard Delivery at home or birthing center | $800 

Includes unlimited hours through delivery plus 1-2 hours post delivery to capture those first moments of bonding, nursing, meeting siblings & grandparents meeting baby. Typically, you will receive 150-200 images. Each photo is high resolution, lightly edited choice of color or black & white. You will also receive a custom personalized slideshow with 30 to 40 of the best images, set to music, to beautifully and elegantly tell the story of your child’s birth.

Deluxe Delivery | $1000 

Includes everything in the Standard Delivery, with with the addition of an Hours Old Session. This includes me coming back to the hospital the next day after you’ve rested, showered and hopefully feeling more refreshed. This is a great opportunity to capture siblings meeting their new brother or sister for the first time photos, and snuggled lifestyle type moments. Photos taken are going to be life-styled: the art of everyday. You being you, with your baby and family.

Hours Old | $400 

This session takes place within the first 48 hours of life and usually takes place at the hospital before you are discharged. You’ve had a chance to get some rest, and put a dab of makeup on. This is also a great time to introduce siblings to the new baby for the first time. Photos taken are going to be life-styled: the art of everyday. You being you, with your baby and family. The session will last approximately 1 hour. You will receive 20+ edited high resolution images with print release. Files are delivered digitally through a Dropbox download or USB.


Birth Photography is beautiful, priceless and something you will cherish forever. Capturing those sweet moments when you first see your baby. A feeling that will never forget... Here are a couple of reasons why you want to leave it to a photographer.

1. Husband holds your hand, NOT the camera.

Most husband’s aren’t professional photographers. One less this for him to worry about and freeing him up to be totally present in the moment with you. Holding your hand, stroke my forehead, being supportive and with you every moment. Letting us capture his expression when he sees the baby for the first time, when he gets to cut the cord, when he looks at his wife and baby and knowing that they are now a family. 


2. Mom's, the time is finally here for you to meet your baby!

Having the ideal delivery is what we all hope for. But something the chaos of the moment, when the doctor says it’s time to push all you’re thinking about is your baby and getting baby into the world safely. Time doesn't stand still and everything can go by so quickly. After baby has arrived sharing sweet moments between you and your partner, looking at your baby in awe! Just making the bond as a family that much stronger and capturing in camera for you to be able to look back on for the rest of your lives is such a precious gift, and something you will always cherish! 


Life’s occasions that call for a professional photographer.

The question I get most often is Why?  These photos are intimate, powerful, priceless… and in no way graphic. Even the most modest momma should feel at ease. Now, Think about how important your wedding day was, and how each detail of that perfect day was captured. Now, think about what a monumental day it is bringing a new life into this world, becoming a parent, becoming a family. Great reason to have a professional photographer.