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Expecting mothers can choose from an In Studio Maternity Session for $250, a Local Outdoor Maternity Session for $300, or a Beach Maternity Session for $500 to capture the beauty of their pregnancy. Each session lasts approximately 2 hours, can include your partner and children, and gowns are provided at your request. In Studio Maternity sessions include 2 outfit changes and a silhouette, and Outdoor Maternity Sessions include 2 outfit changes. I just ask that you come hair and makeup ready and let me do the rest. (Digitals are sold separately)

Photographing expecting mothers has long been a passion of mine and the most dear to my heart. It's a time in a mother’s life where they experience so many changes with their body and a time were they are at their most vulnerable. I look forward to helping you relax, gain confidence, and enjoy the beauty that is your pregnancy.

I style all of my pregnant mommies with gorgeous dresses, fabrics, and flower head pieces for really organic and natural looks. My job is to capture you in a style that makes you comfortable. In the same sense, I will never hesitate to make suggestions on how I see best to capture this glorious moment in your life, while simultaneously exposing my lens to a wide spectrum of color, light, and texture. Depending on the location or choice of backdrop, you can interact with rock, earth, vegetation, softscapes of fabrics, and more, which exhibit multiple levels of texture. Since maternity photography is based on your pure beauty as an emerging mother, a large investment of creativity could produce some of your most memorable photographs. With some experimentation and creative ingenuity, we will turn your maternity session into a memorable piece of art.

Nudity is a personal option and is available in any session in the most discreet nature.

Select "Book a Session" in the lower right corner of the website or call 951-525-0070 to reserve your session.

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Outdoor Maternity Portrait | Picture Moments PhotographyOutdoor beach session maternity by Marisela Rivera Photographer | Picture Moments PhotographyAmazing Outdoor Beach Maternity in California by Marisela Photographer at Picture Moments Photographyoutdoor Maternity in California with family by Marisela Photographer at Picture Moments Photographyoutdoor Maternity in California with family by Marisela Photographer at Picture Moments PhotographyRebeca Cardoso 003Rebeca Cardoso 004Outdoor Maternity Portrait By Marisela Rivera PhotographerOutdoor Maternity Portrait By Marisela Rivera PhotographerOutdoor Maternity Portrait By Marisela Rivera PhotographerOutdoor Maternity Portrait By Marisela Rivera PhotographerPricilla Outdoor Maternity 0011Picture MomentsPricilla Outdoor Maternity 0003Pricilla Outdoor Maternity 0001Pricilla Outdoor Maternity 0012Pricilla Outdoor Maternity 0008Pricilla Outdoor Maternity 0009Pricilla Outdoor Maternity 0007Pricilla Outdoor Maternity 0002

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Guestbook for Maternity Gallery
Tricia Caporale(non-registered)

Marisela is UNBELIEVABLE. I originally found Marisela on Groupon, and it turned out to be the most priceless purchase I've ever made! Finding a good photographer that doesn't rush a photo session is hard enough, but finding one that takes excellent maternity and newborn pictures AND takes her time with a client is almost impossible. Not only was Marisela a professional with an eye for beautiful shots, she was so patient with my daughter and I. Her meticulous eye for detail and her ability to pose her models to enhance their natural beauty is unlike any other. She is not only a master at angles, lighting, and posing, but she has a knack for creating gorgeous backdrops and scenes. We had so much fun and she made me feel like my daughter and I were the only people that mattered in the world during our sessions.

More important than our professional relationship, I can't tell you what it meant to me that she was so tender with my newborn. She is so beautifully calm and reassuring to my daughter--her touch, her knowledge of infant relaxation techniques, her compassion--all calmed my crying babe. We were able to get gorgeous shots. I even learned a few mothering tips from Marisela as I saw her handle my daughter. As a new mom, I sat there in awe, looking at Marisela as if she was a true angel. How could anyone other than me soothe my baby so perfectly as Marisela did? It was truly a spectacular moment as a mother.

Regarding the actual photography session, I had never had a photographer use the natural light in such a way that it just enhances the pictures like this; the softness and glow are the marks of a true master! I am beyond honored to have had the opportunity to shoot with Marisela. I am touched, but at the same time I feel so blessed to have found Marisela. She will never know what a true blessing it has been to shoot with her...out of the hundreds to thousands of photographers I could have gone with, to find her was in itself, a true miracle. We are already planning another Spring session for my daughter, and it's going to be amazing and breathtaking. I feel like the luckiest mommy and my heart is exploding. You will just have to go to Marisela and experience this moment for yourself. You, too, will struggle to find the words to describe how insanely amazing your experience with her is. I love you Marisela, thank you, thank you, thank you, for not only taking timelessly beautiful pregnancy and newborn pictures, but for becoming an instant friend. I will never have to worry about finding another photographer EVER again. I urge you to visit her site to check out the shots she has captured so beautifully! Can you tell I had a great experience?! :)
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