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reviews 1areviews 1a We absolutely LOVE our photos! Marisela's beautiful photography speaks for itself and as many others have written here, she has a phenomenal eye for detail, so I'll share how good our experience was with her. Marisela is some kind of baby whisperer! Over a period of about 3 hours, she took absolutely gorgeous photos of our 10 day old son, and she was so good with him that he didn't make a peep for the entire session. She has a marvelous way with keeping babies calm, which is so important for these precious photos! I was so impressed at how well her cute studio was set-up for newborn photo sessions. From the little heater to keep a naked newborn warm to thoughtfully providing a comfy sofa, coffee, and pastries so that new parents can relax during the session (a blessing with a 10 day old!), Marisela made us so comfortable, so that when the time came for my husband and I to be photographed with the baby, we were relaxed and happy; it really shows in the pictures! I'm NEVER comfortable during photo sessions! 
We also had so much fun looking through Marisela's extensive selection of props--travel cases, teddy bears, gorgeous fabrics, and fun baby hats--to help create pictures worth having. I highly recommend Marisela for photos of your newborn!



reviews 1breviews 1b Speechless....

Marisela is UNBELIEVABLE. I originally found Marisela on Groupon, and it turned out to be the most priceless purchase I've ever made! Finding a good photographer that doesn't rush a photo session is hard enough, but finding one that takes excellent maternity and newborn pictures AND takes her time with a client is almost impossible. Not only was Marisela a professional with an eye for beautiful shots, she was so patient with my daughter and I. Her meticulous eye for detail and her ability to pose her models to enhance their natural beauty is unlike any other. She is not only a master at angles, lighting, and posing, but she has a knack for creating gorgeous backdrops and scenes. We had so much fun and she made me feel like my daughter and I were the only people that mattered in the world during our sessions.

More important than our professional relationship, I can't tell you what it meant to me that she was so tender with my newborn. She is so beautifully calm and reassuring to my daughter--her touch, her knowledge of infant relaxation techniques, her compassion--all calmed my crying babe. We were able to get gorgeous shots. I even learned a few mothering tips from Marisela as I saw her handle my daughter. As a new mom, I sat there in awe, looking at Marisela as if she was a true angel. How could anyone other than me soothe my baby so perfectly as Marisela did? It was truly a spectacular moment as a mother. 

Regarding the actual photography session, I had never had a photographer use the natural light in such a way that it just enhances the pictures like this; the softness and glow are the marks of a true master! I am beyond honored to have had the opportunity to shoot with Marisela. I am touched, but at the same time I feel so blessed to have found Marisela. She will never know what a true blessing it has been to shoot with her...out of the hundreds to thousands of photographers I could have gone with, to find her was in itself, a true miracle. We are already planning another Spring session for my daughter, and it's going to be amazing and breathtaking. I feel like the luckiest mommy and my heart is exploding. You will just have to go to Marisela and experience this moment for yourself. You, too, will struggle to find the words to describe how insanely amazing your experience with her is. I love you Marisela, thank you, thank you, thank you, for not only taking timelessly beautiful pregnancy and newborn pictures, but for becoming an instant friend. I will never have to worry about finding another photographer EVER again. I urge you to visit her site to check out the shots she has captured so beautifully! Can you tell I had a great experience?! :)

Tricia C.


Reviews for Picture Moments PhotographyClient Reviews - Picture Moments PhotographyPicture Moments Photography Marisela Rivera Photographer Client Reviews Most photographers, or in Marisela's case--artists, are experts at handwaving, but when it comes to invoking "feelings" into a photograph, most cannot draw emotion if their lives depended on it. Marisela is quite comfortable in making those feelings radiate from her photography. On several occasions, I myself, have cried uncontrollably when looking through Marisela's work with my newborn daughter. She has a gentle touch and patient way about her. I felt like I learned so much from Marisela during the photoshoot about how to handle my daughter softly and how to sooth her with just a touch. That's going above and beyond just taking beautiful photos...she really puts her heart into everything she does. It does not get better than what Marisela has given us.

The Caporale's


Review 3bReview 3b

My daughter, who lives in Brooklyn, NY, found Marisela Yelp and hired her to do a photo shoot as a gift for my birthday. I can't say having my picture taken is my favorite thing to do I but is did appreciate the gift. It has been many years since we had family pictures taken. It's something you do as your kids are growing but often stop doing once they're grown. I as excited to have family photos with my children as adults. When Marisela arrived, her professionalism was immediately evident as was her charm. What has so often been a chore turned out to be the highlight of my birthday weekend. She made our little suburban garden look like a park and made every one of us look great. That's talent! We had so much fun and were so impressed by the poses Marisela created. We knew the photos would be great. That belief was confirmed when we saw the photos. These are by far the best family photos we've ever had taken. Marisela even got our Labrador, Gus, to smile. I realized that there was one pose I really wanted and Marisela came back to take the additional pictures and on Thanksgiving weekend. We feel so lucky to have found such a talented photographer and couldn't be happier with the photos. We will cherish them for years to come. I strongly recommend Picture Moments Photography to any and all who want the best of the art of photography. You'll love the experience, the pictures and, maybe most of all, Marisela.

Our experience with Marisela was a highlight of my birthday weekend. Who would have expected that a photo shoot would be so much fun. Plus that photos are wonderful. I am have the hardest time picking among them. Wish I could get them all.

Wini Atlas 


review 2breview 2b We hit the lotto when we found you! Xoxo


Marisela's storytelling through her photography is incredibly inspired. I can't thank her enough for welcoming our family into her studio as she has done, and giving us such gorgeous memories of our beautiful baby girl as a newborn. I am such a proud Father, and I share Marisela's website with everyone that wants to see pictures of my new and baby. She is and always will be part of our family, with many more memories to make.



reviews 7reviews 7 Last year, we decided to have our family pictures done outdoors, instead of the usual studio portraits we've done every year... and we're so glad we chose Marisela! She knew how to use the lighting and the background to make our pictures look spectacular!!! I will say that these turned out to be the best family pictures we've taken in 12 years. Her dedication clearly shows through in her work.

Ana Martin

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✨Specializing in Maternity & Newborn Photography✨ 😍 Love families, babies 💕 🔆 Servicing Riverside and Orange County 💌 ✨Specializing in Maternity & Newborn Photography✨ 😍 Love families, babies 💕 🔆 Servicing Riverside and Orange County 💌

✨Specializing in Maternity & Newborn Photography✨ 😍 Love families, babies 💕 🔆 Servicing Riverside and Orange County 💌 ✨Specializing in Maternity & Newborn Photography✨ 😍 Love families, babies 💕 🔆 Servicing Riverside and Orange County 💌

✨Specializing in Maternity & Newborn Photography✨ 😍 Love families, babies 💕 🔆 Servicing Riverside and Orange County 💌