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Landon's Birth StoryLandon's Birth Story

Birth Photography is beautiful and priceless. Period. I wish that was all it would take to assure expectant mommas how essential delivery photos are. But I know it’s not that simple, so let me paint you a picture:

Biggest reason # 1: Husband holds your hand, NOT the camera.

Most husband’s aren’t professional photographers, mine just happens to be. He could’ve easily documented that day beautifully. But freeing him up to be totally present in the moment with me, with our baby, was simply perfect. He was able to hold my hand, stroke my forehead, be my support and my strength. I got to see his expression as he saw his daughter for the first time, it wasn’t blocked by a camera stuck to his face. He got to cut the cord, he got to wrap his arms around me and his baby in that instant we became a family of 3. For those reasons alone I am forever thankful for having my son’s delivery photographed.

Second biggest reason: Momma, you’re a rockstar, but you will forget.

I had an ideal delivery. It was exactly what I imagined and then some. I know this is an exception! I was in the moment, soaking in each memory, each sound, each embrace, each prayer my husband and I prayed, each hug from my family. But something happens. The chaos of the moment, when the doctor says it’s time to push. Tunnel vision set in; My focus and all brain power I had went to getting my baby into the world safely. All those moments I thought I had cataloged became hazy. Still there in my memory bank, just a little muddled from the frenzy. Fast forward to seeing the images from my own delivery for the first time, and it’s as if those hazy moments instantly came back into focus. I could remember those hugs, those prayers, those precious moments as if it were yesterday.

Another biggie: Life’s occasions that call for a professional photographer.

The question I get most often is Why?  These photos are graceful, powerful, intimate, priceless… and in no way graphic. Even the most modest momma should feel at ease. Now, Think about how important your wedding day was, and how each detail of that perfect day was captured. Think about how you poured over websites researching just the right photographer to capture your day and tell your story. Now, think about what a monumental day it is bringing a new life into this world, becoming a parent, becoming a family. Hello! I think that is a pretty dang good reason to have a professional photographer around! Just as I love looking through my wedding photos (a day that changed my life forever), I also am so grateful I can go back and relive the excitement, anticipation, and joy of the birth of my sons.